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Show Jumping Equipment

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How High Original - 1.6m tall


Price per pair including tracking:


2 Lengths tracking per wing - $345

3 Lengths tracking per wing - $368


Add Cups - $12.50 Each

Available in many colours (white, red, blue, green, purple, pink, yellow)

The How High PVC range are tough and durable and come ready to assemble. This means we can flat pack them anywhere in Australia, saving you serious money on transport. They come with easy to follow assembly instructions.


The PVC range come in a number of sizes: 1metre, 1.4metres, and 1.8metres.



Price per pair including tracking:


1 metre wings - $220


1.4 metre wings - $325


1.8 metre wings - $390


Add Cups - $12.50 Each



How High Classic

How High Sloping

How High Picket

How High Jump Fills


Fills are 50cm High and 120cm Long.

Ideal for under wings, you can decide to have one or two fills per jump.

$135 per fill

How High Original

How High PVC Flat Pack Range

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